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Our next production is for the Dramatists Guild Reading Series, The Core Theatre,

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About Pleading Infinity

The Story of Pleading Infinity by T.J. Walsh

Pleading Infinity is a series of monologues developed and performed at Austin, Texas’ FronteraFest, the New York International Fringe Festival and Amphibian Productions in Fort Worth, Texas.  The narrative follows Bob Donovan, screenwriter, through unique and life changing experiences that lead to his growth from a rather self-centered  Hollywood screenwriter to a husband and father of depth and consequence.

Some of the questions Bob wrestles with in Pleading Infinity are the nature of art, Hollywood, near death experiences, 7-elevens, miraculous births, ghosts, the creation of the universe, UFOs and, finally,  the meaning of life.  This is a solo play you don't want to miss.

“A polished and mature piece…very funny and touching monologues chronicling the life of screenwriter Bob Donovan.” 

                    Austin American Statesman 

"I had a memory of when my father and I were out in our backyard in El Sobrante and we were looking up at the stars and he was telling me about the Big Bang and the creation of the universe and I said to him, I said, "Dad, what was before the Big Bang... nothing?"  And he thought about it and answered my question about the creation of the universe in the same tone that Nancy had told me about the creation of the painting about red -- I remember his neck bent looking to the night sky, I asked "Dad, what was before the Big Bang...nothing?" And he answered, "No, Bobby, not even nothing."  For a young boy who had just had his first communion, this was a mystifying answer and I think the beginning of the breach between the two Robert Donovans."