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I attended the June 29 performance of "Pleading Infinity".  I am not normally a fan of "one-person shows" - but this production of "Pleading Infinity" is VERY, VERY IMPRESSIVE!  I enjoyed the way the script is structured ... and the dialogue is well-written.  Combine that conversational dialogue with the exceptional performance of Jon Barnes - - - and this is a wonderful, FIRST-RATE PRODUCTION definitely worthy of Joseph Jefferson Award consideration.  However, with all of this high praise, I do have one concern.  I am not that familiar with The Annoyance Theatre's clientele, but I assume this facility is basically considered a "Comedy Club" (If I am WAY off, I apologize, and this is not meant in any kind of derogatory sense at all).  My concern isn't about The Annoyance Theatre (per se), but that this theatre may not be the location that this wonderful DRAMATIC play (with some humor) can best find the audience that it deserves.  Mr. Barnes' performance was truly so believable, I never thought he was reading a script.  I thought he was telling "HIS STORY" to us.  There shouldn't be an empty chair in the Small Theatre.  I hope this has not offended.