CHICAGO June 29-August 3, 2023
The Annoyance Theatre and Bar, 851 W. Belmont Avenue
Curtain is at 6:30pm.
It plays every Thursday night through August 3.
Tickets: $15
For tickets and information call 773-697-6963
Online tickets at

Ticket Discount: 25% discount with code PLIN25

"I attended the June 29 performance of "Pleading Infinity". I am not normally a fan of "one-person shows" - but this production of "Pleading Infinity" is VERY, VERY IMPRESSIVE! I enjoyed the way the script is structured ... and the dialogue is well-written. Combine that conversational dialogue with the exceptional performance of Jon Barnes - - - and this is a wonderful, FIRST-RATE PRODUCTION definitely worthy of Joseph Jefferson Award consideration. Mr. Barnes' performance was truly so believable, I never thought he was reading a script. I thought he was telling "HIS STORY" to us. There shouldn't be an empty chair in the Small Theatre."