Pleading Infinity at the Hollywood Fringe Festival

"Taught pacing, excellent story telling. I am certainly no stranger to live theater but I will never forget the hour and a half I spent with the character Bob Donovan. Truly unforgettable. So much so that I actually took the time to write an online review. Bravo."

"Brilliant. We thoroughly enjoyed the show. Beautiful, fun, funny, moving. The time flew by. Loved the actor. An interesting and fun ride through the adventures of Bob Donovan, successful Hollywood screen writer. We plan to see it again!"

"Jon Ebeling’s acting was superb and compelling – a wonderful balance of funny and heartwarming. I liked that the play was structured as 6 separate vignettes woven into 1 larger story. Engaging storytelling. I thoroughly enjoyed going on this journey."

"This show was a blast! Great writing. I laughed, cried, and left a happy man. The writing is brilliant, the set and music was perfect! Seriously, it does not seem like a 90 minute show. My friends and I were so surprised it was over. We had a great time."